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The mission of the Information Society Technologies Foundation, IST Foundation, is to support the dissemination of new information technologies among users from the educational research and cultural community, encouraging the development and implementation of advanced computing and communication technologies in all social and economic fields.
The main target of the IST Foundation is the provision of high-quality networking services to Bulgarian academic & research institutions, providing access to the Pan-European and world research networks and thus facilitating the integration of the Bulgarian educational, research and cultural resources into the international information space.

5 October 2006 - Double the speed, double the backup - a second 155 Mb/s direct connection to the Pan-European research and education network GÉANT2 was put into operation

3 April 2006 - The infrastructure of the SEEREN2 Project ( was successfully and fully implemented

16 February 2006 - Call for participation of SMEs in ICT training seminar

2 June 2005 - Within the framework of the scientific activities under GN2, Bulgaria launches EduRoam portal, which to provide all participating scientific organizations with mobile connectivity.

18 March 2005 - Bulgaria joins the Pan-European multi-gigabit research and education backbone GÉANT

31 March 2004 - Introducing "Internet addresses in Bulgarian Language"


OSTN - Open Student Television Network - watch online here.








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